Custom Orders

Throughout the past year I have had the opportunity to create several custom orders for people. Sometimes they come to me with just an idea and I get to be very creative, other times they come to me with a very specific design in mind and I do my best to duplicate that idea. I found just a few of the custom designs (and some things that I was able to create and give away as gifts, which is the beauty of owning a vinyl machine). A couple of the items listed below were not actually made by me, the customer purchased the vinyl only and did the rest on their own. Maybe these will inspire you, get you thinking of something you might want in your own home, or maybe you'll see something that would make a great gift!! Enjoy, I know I have enjoyed being able to create all of these!


Valentines Day Items Part 1

As promised, here are 2 of my Valentines Day products. I wanted to post them all together but it might be a little while until I get pictures of the other ones! So start thinking about pink,red and hearts...

This one is back from last year. It goes with the other holiday/season block sets.

This one is new and I am so excited. I love love love working with these little blocks. Each one is 1.5" square.
Hopefully more products to follow soon...
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Happy New Year!!!

I am back from my vacation and looking forward to a new year!! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. One of my goals this year is to be better at posting things on this blog. I totally neglected it through the holidays, I will try to be better.

Now that Christmas is over and I am hoping this winter doesn't last too much longer, I've put my holiday/winter items on sale in my etsy shop. They are 30-40% off so go check them out!

Valentine's Day, Easter and St. Patrick's Day are all right around the corner so I will be posting pictures of fun decorations soon. Be sure to check back (I am going to be better at posting things on here!). If you have any ideas of something you would like to see please feel free to leave me a comment, I always love getting suggestions. I do have some fun ideas for Valentines Day because I love to decorate for this holiday too!