Here are just a few samples of things you can do with tiles.

"My greatest blessings" tile. 6x6 tile, you choose if you want it to say Mom, Grandma, Aunt, etc. $8.50
12x12 quote tile. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" is just one great quote to put on here. If you have a favorite quote you would like to put on a tile, let me know!

"Families are forever" 13x13 in. clock tile. This is a fun item! It's a fun way to put a clock in any room and it's personalized with your last name and year your family was established. (picture shows Pedersen's est. 2004)

Family blocks

These are great for displaying on a mantle or in a living room. I have two styles to choose from: "Fun" and Script". 6 paint colors: black, brown, cream, light green, hunter green, dark red. 4 vinyl colors: red, tan, white and black.
$12 per set

"Script" family blocks, light green with tan vinyl

"Fun" family blocks, black with white vinyl

We can also create your last name using the same style as the family block sets. Blocks will be different sizes and letters in different fonts customized for you! $2 per letter


Holiday blocks

Holiday blocks are a fun way to decorate without taking up lots of space. They are cute and inexpensive so you can get one for you and a friend!

"Be my valentine"
Set includes 2 blocks

"St. Patrick's Day"
Set includes 3 blocks

*note: words on center block will be white

"Happy Easter"
Set includes 2 blocks

"God Bless America"
Set includes 3 blocks

"Fourth of July"
Set includes 2 blocks

*Shipping not included in listed price.
WA residents add 8.78% sales tax

Welcome to our blog and happy summer!

So our website is still in the making. In the meantime, we've decided to make a blog to show people some of our products. You won't be able to order through here, but if you see something you like, have ideas of your own or have any questions, please send us an e-mail at
Hopefully this helps those of you who have asked if we have a website or how you can view our stuff!